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Basic Blackjack is a staple of online casinos for primarily for two simple reasons: it's simple and timeless. Short of perhaps Roulette, no game has a learning curve friendlier to a casual player. Simply draw cards that add up to 21. The closest to that magic number without going over wins. For some added intrigue, throw in doubling down on bets or splitting hands to sway the odds.

It's basically the same around the globe. Familiar and inviting as it is, even the finest meal can taste of ash if indulged too frequently. Half the fun of gambling is the adventure and intrigue of exotic rules, that taste of the unknown. That's why many online casinos such as have introduced some exciting variants on traditional games. The thing is, walking into a real-money game when unfamiliar with the rules and how the mechanics dictate your chances of winning is about like wearing a tuxedo of ribeyes and performing water-ballet in a shark tank.

Before you play any of these interesting twists on a classic favorite, especially for profit, get comfortable with the nature of the game and what it takes to win consistently. You stand to add a good deal of color to your online casino experience with just a little spice of variety in the mix, but you're only throwing money away playing a game you have no idea how to win.


If playing the odds in standard Blackjack is feeling a bit blasse, Vegas Strip refuels literally refuels the intrigue exponentially. First off, this variation is played with both in real life and online casinos with four decks of cards. It also comes with a few twists on rules that will force even cagey veterans to rethink their strategies along with four times the cards to go around. Doubling down is kosher on any two cards, but you may split aces just once. Oh, by the way, split costs the player an insurance wager and doubling down after a split is only allowed with an ace in play. The dealer stands on 17, and this applies to both soft and hard 17s.

Finally, a post-split 21 does not count as Blackjack. Splitting aces results in just one additional card to each hand and each split hand must wager equally. Players may split any pair of cards valuing 10 or higher.


Riffing off a wager option common to standard Blackjack as well as Pontoon, Vegas, Pandemonium and other variants. Perfect Pairs offers an opportunity for each player to win a special bet placed in the section directly above your hand if dealt any pair in the first two cards. Without a match, the dealer takes the side-wager's chips, with three possible payouts:

*PERFECT PAIR - Two identical cards, color and suit included, the highest payout.
*COLORED PAIR - Two identical cards, including the color but not the suit.
*MIXED PAIR - Two identical cards with different suits and colors.


This game has caught on madly in southeast Asia, where it is also known as 21-Point or Ban-Luck. The game allows an unlimited number of hands at one table, but only two decks of cards. Though played by standard Blackjack rules - mostly - the sizable number of players can bend the odds in unusual ways with so few decks. There are a few colorful variations on the garden-variety rules, as well: players themselves can deal and change deals around the table multiple times in a single game, and an ace's value varies accordingly with how many cards a player is already holding.


Consider this game's rise in popularity a consequence of pop-culture fascination with Texas Hold 'Em poker. The elimination tournament format pits players against not only each other to be the either the last player standing or the chip-leader, but the dealer as well.

The tournament plays out over 30 hands total - the eight, sixteenth and twenty-fifth being "elimination hands" that knock out the player with the lowest chips. Players can be eliminated at any other time by either running out of chips or not being able to cover the minimum wager.

The shoe loads with six decks and tables are limited to seven players. The dealer must stand on a hard 17 but hit if it's soft. All pairs except aces may split four times with doubling and surrender both in effect.

The secret bet adds a twist all its own. Each player gets one per tournament allowing a wager revealed only when the hand ends.


Blackjack's original rules date back centuries, with none of the dozens upon dozens of variations ever topping Twenty-One's popularity. Still, live a little. Experimenting with a few variants here and there, whether live at a table or while killing time at an online casino, may just teach you a new favorite or two.

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