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A Dozen Ways to Beat Roulette

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roulette by eatsmilesleep, on Flickr

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When it comes to casino games, online or live, roulette is one of the finest. Aside from offering a myriad of ways to win, roulette is highly engaging. Watching the wheel spin and the ball slowly teeter and drop into a numbered slot creates a sense of anticipation and drama that few casino games can.

Because of this, roulette is one of the got-to games for casual punters and pros in equal measure, so it makes sense to think about some ways you can refine your skills and improve your chances of making a profit in the game. Before you ante-up at the table, the first thing you need to do is to decide what sort of game you're going to play. For example, if you were to type into your browser and found your way into 32Red's roulette platform, you'll find a selection of games.

Choose Your Board

Let it ride on red. by Jamie McCaffrey, on Flickr

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From European and North American roulette, to jackpot and mini games, you'll find a variety of options to tickly your fancy. However, as a general rule, the best game to choose is European roulette. Offering the greatest return for your investment, this variant is always the preferred choice of professional gamblers and it should be yours.

Once you've chosen your board, you then need to decide how much you want to win. Of course, you want to win as much as possible, but what this means is how you want to win. When you play roulette at any online casino, whether it's 32Red, Coral or William Hill, the betting options will always be the same i.e. high risk, medium risk and low risk bets.

If you're looking for a big win in a short space of time, then there's nothing wrong with making high risk bets on straight up numbers. These bets payout at a rate of 35:1, however they also represent the biggest risk on the table. If you're not in it for the long haul, however, then this is a perfectly fine strategy to use.

For those that don't want to accept such a high risk and are happy to make a steady profit (something all serious gamblers should be aiming for), the double dozen technique is one you should be looking to employ.

Do the Double Dozen

Roulette table by HCB%kan DahlstrCB6m, on Flickr

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  HÃ¥kan Dahlström 

When you play roulette, betting on a "dozen" means you're able to cover 12 numbers with a single bet and achieve payout ratio of 2:1 if successful. You can take advantage of this set-up and turn it to your advantage by betting on two dozens simultaneously. Doing this will allow you to cover 24 out of the 37 numbers on the board with just two bets.

Covering almost 66% of the board with two bets obviously gives you a great chance of winning and the beauty of this system is that you can still make a profit when your section rolls in. Because each winner is paid out at 2:1 you'll always make a profit of one unit when you're correct.

If you employ this strategy and one of your numbers rolls in, you will earn a profit of one unit. For example, if you made two wagers of $10 each, the $10 would be considered a single unit and when one of your numbers hits you'll win $30 in total for a net profit of $10.

Exploit Weakness, Make Money

Money by GotCredit, on Flickr

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Gambling is all about avoiding mistakes, exploiting weakness in a game and making a steady profit. The double dozen technique in roulette is a way to satisfy all these conditions and, importantly, help you make some serious money. In the online casino world roulette is a hugely popular game and if you can follow the steps outlined in this article you should find it's also a hugely profitable game.

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