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Pokies, also known as slot machines, have been around since 1887 and have been providing entertainment for millions of people around the world. In this digital age there has been a gradual shift towards online pokie playing. Some of these games are offered at no cost, while others accept real bets as if you were sitting right on the casino floor.

If you are looking for then there is a wide market aimed at providing you with all the entertainment you could ever desire. Simply typing, "Free online pokies," into the Google search engine produces 2,850,000 results. This shows the wide market that is available for those individuals looking to have some fun without risking real money.

An online pokie is played much like a real one. The prospective pokie player will go to the website of their choice and will be greeted by an array of options. These online machines are made much like their physical counterparts. They come in different playing styles and have different side games. The player will be given an amount of digital currency, usually unlimited, to play with. They will choose the amount of lines they want to wager on and spin the reels.

Another great feature for those with the desire to play free online pokies is that they now are available on mobile phones. There are many app developers who have made these games available to anyone with a phone and an internet connection. All a player needs to do is either download the game directly from their phone or have the download link sent to them via SMS. These pokies can also be played either for free or for real money.

This truly shows how widely available free online pokies have become. The pokie has been with us for over a hundred years and the digital age has ensured it will be around for countless more.

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