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The Potential of the Japanese Gambling Market

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With two of the world's most profitable casinos lying in Singapore, and Macau generating profits that can make Bill Gates gulp, you don't need to be Albert Einstein to work out that the Asian community like a flutter or twelve. But which Asian country is going to be the next to jump aboard the casino bandwagon?

As the world's third-largest economy Japan would be a perfect choice for the burgeoning casino business. Think Toyota and Lean Principles as evidence of what the big red circle could do with a brick and mortar and online casino business.

At one point it seemed that the 'land of the rising sun' was a dead duck when it came to talk of building a gambling business, but it seems Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has fluffed the feathers after indicating an interest in the tentative idea of creating a casino industry in Japan. With a lack of political support being the main stumbling block in the past, pro gambling groups are getting excited about this apparent smidgen of interest.

Abe has gone on record as saying that he understands the economic benefits that gambling can provide his government coffers, but will insist of thorough research into the potential social costs before a final decision is to be made. Same old gambling industry quotes, different country.

According to the broker CLSA, a Japanese gambling industry could be potentially worth $10 billion annually, and that is just based on the integrated land-based casinos alone. Open that market up to the thriving online casino world and you can add several more numbers to that impressive figure.

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