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bonus slot gameWhen a person try to win money in casinos that means he or she also can be really superstitious. There are hundreds of myths and legends that happened in different casino games. And while checking bonus slots list for USA players youíll probably find some of them in gamblersí comments that they leave below games. Some people believe that if you have personal talismans like a four-leaf clover or golden horseshoe, youíll have a lucky day and win a lot of money. Also you can find gamblers that always wear the same clothes in casinos. They say that to change your shirts and everything else can scare luck. This belief has the controversial version: some people are absolutely sure that you have to be in different clothes every time you visit casino. So as you can see itís hard to rely on gamblers superstitions. They are usually has nothing to do with real facts and can become even dangerous for players.

Slots and myths

If you have ever been in a land-based casinos you probably will remember people doing odd thinks like rubbing the screen of slot machines or warming coins. And all of them say things like ďI always win in this hatĒ or ďThis is my lucky shirtĒ. You can find such players even in online slots resources. Sometimes superstitions cost players a lot. All myths may become mistakes in the future, so itís better to be rational while playing this game. You donít need to rely on random sayings by other players. Control the amount of money you spend and just enjoy the game.

The most popular myths

They say that if a certain slot just paid out, it wonít do it again anytime soon. That is absolutely not true, because all results in slots are random. They donít depend neither on previous results nor in next ones. Each time the player push the bet button the games starts from the beginning. A next myth is about players who believe that if they stop playing other gambler will win jackpot right after them. This superstition makes players to forget about their funds and spend a lot of money. Anyone wonít steal your jackpot. You can play the whole day and wonít win anything. And somebody can just sit down, make a bet and become a millionaire. Nobody can predict how the game will end and why. There is absolutely nothing you can do to change your winning chances in slots. That is not a myth for sure, because itís just the fact that everybody knows, but tries to ignore. People enjoy playing slots because this game has simple rules and also give an opportunity to see how random symbols can create interesting combinations.

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