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3 Tips for Purchasing a Home Poker Table

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Most home poker games are a great way to enjoy friends and family, but they leave you feeling as if there is something missing from the game. If you are an enthusiast of home poker games the purchase of a poker table can add the 'missing piece' to your home games, making them feel more 'professional'.

There are three things to consider prior to purchasing a poker table for the home, where it will be placed, the size and shape of the table, and retail or online purchase.

  1. Where your poker table will be placed can dictate the size and shape of the table that you can buy. If you are lucky enough to have a game room in your home, measure the area that you want to place the table in. Use these dimensions when looking at poker tables to ensure that it will fit into that space. (Don't forget to leave room for chairs and people!) If the poker table that you want is too large, can you move something else (such as your foosball table), to accommodate it?

    Folding poker tables are available for people that have to play in a room such as the dining room, or living room. The folding poker tables are very nice, and should do the trick for you.
  2. Poker tables are available in three shapes, round, oval and octagonal. All three shapes have different dimensions; therefore you should be able to find one that will fit in your specified area. The shape of the poker table is a matter of personal choice. A round table can give the area a 'saloon' atmosphere, while the octagon table would nicely complement a modern home theme. The oval shape gives the feel of a casino.

  3. Should you purchase your table at a local retail shop or purchase online? Inexpensive or 'cheap' doesn't always mean 'you got a good deal'. Sometimes the price dictates the quality. Putting in time to research poker tables will ensure that you get 'what you pay for'. I always recommend going to the local retailer to look at your options, write down the brand and price of at least two tables that you would like to purchase.

    After you have that information go home and google X brand of poker table. Read the customer reviews. Then start surfing for the table that you feel will give you the best quality. Look at several online shops for the exact make and model of poker table that you want. Many online shops will offer the same table at a lower cost, with free shipping.
Now you have the information to make an intelligent decision on the purchase of a poker table. You know where to place it, how to select the style that best suits you, and how to obtain the best price on a quality table.

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