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    Miss Pauling

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    Als Bond das erfГhrt und es zu einem Kampf mit dem.

    Miss Pauling

    Miss Pauling · @PaulingPurple. Assistant to the Administrator | Head secretary of TF Industries | Bi | Thicc™. Teufort, New Mexico. Beigetreten. Read tf2 miss Pauling X scout from the story ship rp by DrAlpheys with reads. tf2, deathnote, ships. A beta model of Miss Pauling was used for Expiration Date. Found in @​russellanim's animation reel, which has 2 deleted scenes + other animations for TF2 he.

    Fräulein Pauling

    Dd Miss Pauling by BlastedKing on DeviantArt references (espeacially usefull SenshiStock) Lovely Miss Pauling for a start (/for now) On Tumblr: . A beta model of Miss Pauling was used for Expiration Date. Found in @​russellanim's animation reel, which has 2 deleted scenes + other animations for TF2 he. Miss Pauling · @PaulingPurple. Assistant to the Administrator | Head secretary of TF Industries | Bi | Thicc™. Teufort, New Mexico. Beigetreten.

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    TF2: A Complete History of Miss Pauling

    Miss Pauling pulled up to the base and parked her car. She grabbed her clipboard and pen out of the passenger seat and headed up to the door. + She knocked on the door exactly three times then adjusted her tight bun. A wrinkle was shown in her short skirt that she quickly brushed out. Miss Pauling is a loyal assistant to the Administrator. She performs a number of duties including reporting unusual background checks, ordering and delivery of goods, opening communication channels and murders. Affable Assistant F. Pauling, or better known as simply Miss Pauling, is a character from the Valve video game Team Fortress 2. She is the Administrator 's loyal assistant, who helps and hires the mercenaries, as well as takes care of tasks such as ordering supplies, running communications, disposing of witnesses, and doing background checks. never put me to go back in that place again.. Steam Group:bamaselo.com #TF2meme #MissPauling. Miss Pauling is a woman who wears a purple shirt, skirt, and purple shoes, as well as glasses that cover her eyes. Though she does not usually show much expression in the overworld, NPCs often describe her expressions. In Employer's Route, Miss Pauling smiles at the player, breaking the fourth wall. Jump to: navigation, search. Miss Pauling in Expiration Date Fräulein Pauling ist eine loyale Assistentin der Administratorin. Sie führt einige. Miss Pauling ist die Assistentin der Administratorin aus Team Fortress 2. Für ihre Chefin Helen. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Miss Pauling in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt​. Hast du bis hierhin gescrollt, um die Fakten über miss pauling zu erfahren? Nun, du hast Glück, denn hier sind sie. Es stehen 1 miss pauling auf Etsy zum.

    Sometimes we just talk. Mit den Söldnern spricht sie in den Comics deutlich selbsbewusster und sachlicher, behält in Stresssituationen einen eher kühleren Kopf, befolgt Befehle der Administratorin inzwischen aber auch ohne Widersprüche.

    Ein eher negativeres Verhältnis hat sie lediglich zum etwa gleichaltrigen Scout, der sie seit 'Meet the Director' scheinbar permanent zu belästigen scheint.

    Der Scout ist jedoch die einzige Person, zu dem die Beziehung krieselt, denn ansonsten schafft es auch Miss Pauling sowohl mit dem Pyro, als auch mit dem leicht hitzköpfigem Soldier auszukommen.

    Her eyes are green. She wears purple at all times in the comics, giving away that she works for the administrator, as well as implying that she works for both RED and BLU teams.

    She is shorter than any of the Mercenaries. She picks off people who the Administrator needs gone. This means a lot of people. Angered by their mutual dislike and Gray's request to stop the Administrator, Miss Pauling goes into an emotive speech defending her allegiance to the Administrator, mentioning how she's willingly lied and killed under the Administrator's command.

    Midway, though, Spy stops her as Gray has died before hearing most of her speech. Spy is none too amused at the implication that Miss Pauling has been lying to the team.

    Having been tricked by the Scout in an attempt to meet Miss Pauling to ask her out on a date, she had arrived to the RED base to help defend the Intelligence.

    On arrival, she was initially concerned about the presence of the briefcase but became furious after finding out that the Scout had pushed the briefcase alarm.

    In her frustration, she turns, notices the decor and asks if they are having a prom. The Scout attempts to reason with her, stating they should discuss it over dinner, opening a door to reveal a giant bread monster.

    The other mercenaries arrive to help while Miss Pauling yells at the Scout for pressing the alarm, then notices his death watch and uses it as a timer.

    She uses the Payload cart as a bomb, but she and the Scout end up on the wrong side of the blast doors. Without a word, both the Scout and Miss Pauling dive into the bread monster as the Payload explodes.

    They survive, and the Scout asks Miss Pauling on a date. She does not outright disagree, but begins to describe the tasks on her work schedule, one of which is to kill the person who pressed the briefcase alarm, and then remarks that the Scout would already be there, implying that she is going to kill the Scout.

    Miss Pauling as she appears in the Meet the Director comic. Miss Pauling's possible appearance in Meet the Medic. Pauling insists that the Administrator "is not so bad when you get to know her.

    Go skateboarding It has been shown that the Scout has a romantic interest in Miss Pauling, but she tries to ignore him completely. She is voiced by Ashly Burch.

    For the WAR! She offers both parties weapons in exchange for killing the other, starting a seven-day war that ended the two's friendship.

    In the comic Meet the director , Pauling hires a Director to interview the mercenaries and record their responses regarding their jobs.

    Afterwards, Pauling lures the Director to a mine with a loaded gun shovel and bag, and the Director is never seen again.

    In the comic Loose Canon , it is revealed that Pauling killed the monkey Poopy Joe by launching him into space, which she did for a dollar.

    After the deaths of Redmond and Blutarch Mann , the mercenaries lose their jobs. However, when Gray Mann 's Machines attack, Pauling encourages the mercs to return to battle the robots and make money again.

    After reducing his HP to 0, the ballonicorns remove Pyro's power and make him a child again. Ballooney then proceeds to explain to Miss Pauling what Pyro has done.

    Miss Pauling then leaves the afterlife, which Ballooney renames to Pyroland , and kills the Mann brothers. After leaving the Badlands, Miss Pauling receives a call from Dell, who leaves a message about what happened to the Badlands after Misha and the Mann brothers died.

    This varies based on what characters were killed. While Miss Pauling befriends many of the mercenaries in the Badlands, none of them have befriending sequences, unlike in Undertale.

    Miss Pauling gains Sani's friendship by hiring him, but he does not make another appearance until the end of the route.

    If Miss Pauling chooses to give Tavish some beer after being pursued, Tavish will be befriended. Otherwise, a reset is needed to achieve Tavish's trust and friendship.

    In reward for completing contracts, you receive Multiplayer Games Kostenlos. Something big just came up. Universal Conquest Wiki. I'm gonna tell everyone how it really, really brings the two as a couple. Ugh, I hate Poker Germany. I'm at an Assistant's Conference with Bidwell, they just debuted this year's clipboards. By impersonating a police officer, Pauling is able to keep Soldier out of legal trouble while simultaneously recruiting him. I've got a contract coming your way. Thank you thank you thank you. Here's a contract. Zahlenspiel 2048 a contract for you. Categories :. I'm on vacation, but a contract just came in. Miss Pauling responses are contextually triggered lines that play after a player receives or completes a Contract during the Gun Mettle Update or Tough Break Update events. All of her lines can be heard below. Lines are only triggered when the player is connected to an official Valve server. Decoding a new Contract while connected will trigger a line based on the player's current class. Miss Pauling in 'Blood in the Water' Miss Pauling ist die Assistentin der Administratorin aus Team Fortress 2.Für ihre Chefin Helen erledigt sie die Aufgaben, die sich außerhalb der administratorischen Schaltzentralen abspielen, zu profan für Saxton Hale und die Gebrüder Mann sind oder vor diesen geheim gehalten werden sollen.. Ihren ersten Auftritt hatte Miss Pauling im WAR!-Comic und TF Industries: Administratorin · Miss Pauling. Miss Pauling, Washington D. C. likes. PR for TF Industries and it's subsidiaries, Reliable Excavation Demolition, Builder's League United, Spytech, Mann Co., and Valve Corperation. [All posts Followers:
    Miss Pauling

    Wilds und zufГlligen Multiplikatoren Miss Pauling. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

    Tags: tf2, team fortress 2, team festung, miss pauling, team festung miss pauling. Fräulein Pauling zeigt den Söldnern eine Aufnahme von Saxton Hale und informiert sie darüber, dass sie aufgrund des Todes der Mann Brüder von nun an arbeitslos sind. Jump Lynx Aktien navigationsearch. Tags: verpassen sie nicht, ms pauling, tf2, chibi.

    Miss Pauling als Testsieger durchgesetzt. - Navigation menu

    Hauptquartier zu verteidigen. I get it. Because I have a job. I've got something for you.


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